L-250 Erosion Artery

L-250 Erosion Artery

  • Title: L-250 Erosion Artery
  • Chapter: Vascular Disorders
  • Chapter Section: Carotid Artery, Disorders of Major Vessels, Vascular Stasis or Occlusion
  • TB Case Number: 906
  • Gender: Female
  • Age (yrs.): 97
  • Otologic Diagnosis:

    1. Cochlea, degeneration, middle and apical turns, severe, idiopathic, right

    2. Presbycusis, left

    3. Carotid canal, dehiscence, medial cochlear wall, left

    4. Acute otitis media, bilateral

    5. Geniculate ganglion, anatomical variant, bilateral

    6. Artifact, removal, right