Streptomycin ototoxicity, L-71

Streptomycin ototoxicity, L-71

  • Title: Streptomycin ototoxicity, L-71
  • Chapter: Intoxication
  • Chapter Section: Streptomycin
  • TB Case Number: 799
  • Comments: This was a 53-year old male who received 1 gram of Streptomycin by systemic administration every day for 10 days at the age of 47. Following this medication, he became very ataxic and suffered from oscillopsia. There was no response to ice water caloric testing
  • Gender: Male
  • Age (yrs.): 53
  • Otologic Diagnosis:

    1. Streptomycin ototoxicity, manifested by oscillopsia, ataxia and loss of caloric responses

    2. Loss of hair cells, cristae, bilateral

    3. Preservation of hair cells of maculae of utricle and saccule

    4. Sclerosis of mastoid, right, mild