High jugular bulb, R-411

High jugular bulb, R-411

  • Title: High jugular bulb, R-411
  • Chapter: Anatomy
  • Chapter Section: AICA, Jugular, Sigmoid, Vessels - Carotid
  • TB Case Number: 972
  • Comments: high jugular bulb dehiscent into the hypotympanum in 92 yr old female, no symptoms
  • Gender: Female
  • Age (yrs.): 93
  • Otologic Diagnosis:


    1. Sensorineural hearing loss, downsloping, consistent with presbycusis

    2. Cochlear pathology, consistent with mixed presbycusis:

    a) Complete atrophy of organ of Corti, basal turn

    b) Partial loss of outer hair cells, middle and