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The International Otopathology Society, which is also known as the “Schuknecht Society,” is dedicated to the study of the pathology of the temporal bone. This includes the study of pathologic findings in all conditions that affect hearing, balance, and the facial nerve. Otopathology has formed the basis for our understanding of diseases of the human temporal bone and often generates new hypotheses that may be evaluated with other experimental methods.

Since inception, the International Otopathology Society has hosted a conference every three years that includes scientific presentations of selected abstracts, promotes scholarship among junior members, reunites international colleagues, and offers an otopathology grand rounds lecture highlighting important new findings in otopathology.

Our next meeting will be held at Massachusetts Eye and Ear, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, in June 2022. We welcome otolaryngologists who treat patients with hearing, balance, and facial nerve disorders, as well as scientists who study the underlying basis of these disorders to attend. Trainees and students are also welcome.

It was the influence of Harold F. Schuknecht, MD, former Chair of Otolaryngology at Harvard Medical School, that brought this society to fruition and now, with more than 150 members from more than 35 countries, it has become the main outlet for the discussion and promotion of otopathology research. Learn more about the Otopathology Laboratory at Mass. Eye and Ear.


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Our next meeting is planned for June 5–7, 2022, at Massachusetts Eye and Ear. Make sure to mark your calendars!

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